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In 2005 The End of Life Vehicle (ELV) Directive became law. The objective of the Directive is to ensure that as much of a vehicle is recycled as possible whilst ensuring that all hazardous materials are treated appropriately. The ELV Directive has set targets for the UK to ensure that, by 2006, 85% of an ELV was recovered and recycled. This target increases to 95% by 2015.

It is now the responsibility of the owner of an End of Life Vehicle to see that it is delivered to an Authorised Treatment Facility where it can be depolluted prior to entering the recycling chain.

End of life vehicle recycling

We are a DVLA authorised treatment facility (ATF) and undertake end of life vehicle (ELV) recycling. We have a state of the art depollution rig for the complete safe removal of all waste oils and fluids from end of life vehicles. The waste oils and fluids that are drained from end of life vehicles are then collected by specialist firms to be recycled.

Vehicle items requiring safe removal:

  • Engine oils and brake fluids
  • Gearbox/transmission oils
  • Fuel (petrol/diesel) and anti-freeze (coolant)
  • Screen wash and power assisted steering fluids
  • Shock absorber fluids
  • Car batteries and oil filters
  • Air conditioning gases
  • Catalysts and mercury switches
  • Tyres and lead wheel weights
  • DVLA Certificate of Destruction

It is a legal requirement that all scrap cars must be issued with an official Certificate of Destruction by an ATF approved by the DVLA. Being an ATF site, we can submit your vehicle details to the DVLA and issue a Certificate of Destruction for you, proof that your vehicle has been successfully scrapped. Please make sure you bring along your vehicle registration document (V5) when presenting a vehicle for scrap. We will retain your vehicle registration document, (V5) upon issuing the certificate.

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