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‘Not waving but drowning'

                                        Stevie Smith


Stevie Smith’s poem of despair would surely strike a chord with metal recyclers up and down the country and indeed the world.

2015 has been a truly desperate year because commodity prices have collapsed and show no signs of coming back for the foreseeable future. What do we mean by foreseeable? Six months? To predict any further would surely be mere hubris and whimsy but many in our industry are convinced that 2016 will be worse.  Coupled with this has been a collapse in volumes coming in to yards as manufacturing shrinks and collection becomes uneconomical. 


But this is the season of goodwill, joy and hope so let us find reasons to be cheerful. China, the star player in the world of commodities appears to be ruled by a very capable government who know what they are doing and in a command economy what they want doing gets done. The country is moving towards a consumer based western style economy where services are more important than manufacturing. The transition is painful but their economy is not going to collapse and the demand for houses, cars and infrastructure spending will surely come back and all this means they will need to buy metal. China will survive, India is at last showing real growth and the Eurozone seems to be over the worst. Surely the greatest risk to economic order rests with the American electorate and who they choose as their next President.  The real threat to world peace comes from America and has done for the last 70 years. God help the next country who they choose to ‘rescue from tyranny’. Some of you dear readers may not agree that statement; doubtless some of you also think Elvis is still alive and living in Gateshead. 


Another reason to be cheerful is that because the Indian economy is coming to life and we at Moores have a container tilt which allows us to load scrap directly in to shipping containers, we can export steel directly to them. Their appetite for scrap steel, in a world where there is little enthusiasm for the wretched stuff, shows no sign of abating and their willingness to pay a premium has been a Godsend in these dark times. 


What else? We have picked up a lot of works contracts this year, one of them a very big one indeed and a household name. Our aim to provide the best possible service, with good communication and payment as fast as the customer wishes. 


We therefore enter our 105th year with a little trepidation  but secure in the knowledge that we have seen worse times, the cycle will run its course and the next movement will be upwards.


‘But soft. What light through yonder window breaks’

                                                                         Romeo and Juliet

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